111 Meaning in Love – Reasons Why You Seeing It & What To do

Love is a tricky thing! It can make you feel good, bad, and everything in between. Love can also be a powerful force that changes how we see ourselves and the world around us.

When we think of the word ‘love’, it evokes different thoughts for each individual person. For some it may be romantic, for others, it may be familial, and for still others, it might be platonic.

But what connections do the number 111 have with love?

Well, there are many interpretations that have been put forward over the years by numerologists, tarot readers, clairvoyants, and psychics about it.

But in this post, I am going to share my personal interpretation with you based on my experience, knowledge, and intuition.

So, What does 111 Mean in Love?


According to my life experiences, the number 111 in love means an awakening, a new start, and a time of growth.

The number 111 also means that you should not dwell in your past because a new dawn awaits you. A new chapter is just around the corner.

For instance, If you are single and wondering when you are going to meet that person or the love of your life then the number 111 is trying to tell you to stay positive and keep your vibration as high as possible in order to attract the person you desire.

Because your thoughts are manifesting into reality and if you are not careful and positive, the lack of love in your life could create negative thoughts and that can repel what it is that you are trying to attract in your life.

And if you are in a relationship then your spirit guides are telling you and your significant other that it is time for you to strive and grow as individuals.

The universe is also telling you to keep an open mind because things are changing, so embrace the changes and go with the flow.

111 Meaning in Love – Break Up

If recently you have gone through a breakup or a divorce, then the number 111 which is symbolized by the angels telling you that something or someone new is on the horizon.

You just need to be patient and trust in yourself and your abilities. The universe is also telling you to take a step back and heal yourself first.

Don’t simply jump on to the next available person or thing without taking care of yourself. You are a precious and wonderful being who deserves to be treated with love and respect always.

111 Meaning in Love – New Love

And if you think you found your true-life partner, then know that you are about to embark on a journey where you will be with each other through thick and thin.

Life will test you and challenge you, but if you work together and support each other, then no matter what happens in your life, the two of you will always find a way to bounce back and be stronger for it.

111 Meaning in Love – Ex

If you are still in love with someone (your ex) who has gone away, then know that all it takes is time. However, your patience could be tested.

The number 111 says that you should not try to reach out or cling on to the past if it is not fixable.

And If you do, then the universe is telling you that it will keep throwing up obstacles for you until you learn your lesson and move on.

111 Meaning in Love – Single

If you are single and waiting for love to come your way, then the number 111 is telling you it’s time to break out of your shell and start meeting new people.

Because until and unless you make your first move, nothing is going to happen and you will never know what or who is on the other side of that door.

So, get out of your comfort zone and start living your life. You never know which journey will lead you to your true life partner.

I know nobody wants to leave their comfort zone but trust me, you will never know what life has in store for you until and unless you try.

111 Meaning in Love – Twin Flame

The number 111 has a deep meaning when it comes to twin flames. If the number 111 is everywhere around you then let me tell you that your twin flame is much closer than you think.

The universe is trying to connect the two of you so stop ignoring it and start paying attention to signs. And if you think you have found your twin flame, then start working on creating a stronger bond because if you don’t, someone else will.

111 Meaning in Love – Relationship

Lastly, if you are in a relationship and going through a difficult time, then 111 is saying that while some challenges are ahead of you, know that things will get better with time.

And All you need to do is be patient and work on your relationship because nothing good comes easy.

Situations Summary

As you can see there can be many interpretations of the number 111 in love and what it means in your life.

So, in case the above situations doesn’t resonate with you then try to honestly ask yourself what 111 means to you.

It may be as simple as moving on and starting fresh after a breakup, a journey of self-discovery, or some other meaning which soothes your soul.

Here the main thing is to trust your intuition. By doing this everything will fall into its place and you will be able to understand the true meaning of the number 111.

Reasons Why You Keep Seeing the number 111

Now that you know what the number 111 means in love for you, let’s look at why you keep seeing it.


The first and foremost reason you keep seeing the number 111 is because you are spiritually awakening. You are becoming more conscious of your environment and your existence on this planet. For this reason, your angel wants to tell you that you are on the right path and to keep doing what you are doing.

It Is Time To Believe In Yourself

Most of the time you might second-guess your abilities and strengths, even though deep down you know they are there. However, the number 111 is saying that it is high time you put all that aside and start believing in yourself and your guardian angel is there to support you on your way.

If You don’t, then you will never be able to move forward, and you will always find a reason to stay where you are. So, stop making excuses and trying to find validation outside of yourself and start believing in yourself. You are capable of so much more.

It Time To Let Go Of Past

One of the many things that hold us back in life is our past. For some reason, we keep ourselves stuck in the past and refuse to move forward. But guess what? The number 111 is here to tell you to let go of the past.

One of the best ways to do so is to forgive yourself and others for any perceived wrongdoings. I know this can sound easier said than done but in reality, all you need to do is heal yourself by any means and the universe will reward you for it.

Focus On Yourself

Focusing on yourself is the perfect recipe for success. Instead of worrying about others, start focusing on yourself and your needs.

It Doesn’t matter what you want to achieve or obtain, you need to start putting energy into doing something which will make you feel happy, confident, and proud.

Because if you will focus on the hurt that people have caused you, or if you keep worrying about what others might be thinking about you, then nothing will change and your life will remain the same.

So, focus on yourself, and the rest will fall into its place.

You are fully Protected

Finally, through synchronicity, your angel is saying to you that you are fully protected and that no matter what happens in life, you will be okay. You have complete divine support. You just need to ask for help and guidance and you will receive it.

So, instead of spending most of your time worrying about the future or trying to control others, try focusing on yourself and making the changes you want in your life, while accepting help along the way. You will be surprised by how much support is available for you.

What To Do When You See Angel Number

First of all, don’t panic and start feeling blessed that you have a guardian angel watching over you because not many receive these messages.

You should be happy that you are always on your angel’s mind and they want to help you achieve all of your dreams and remove all the negativity from your life.

As a result, you should take full advantage of the opportunity and ask for their support whenever in need.

There are various methods through which you can do so but below I have listed some of the easiest ways that will help you to connect at a deeper level with your guardian angel.


One of the best methods through which you can connect with your guardian angel and get answers to your questions is by meditating. Meditation isn’t as complicated as some people believe it is. You just have a find a quiet place where you can sit down and focus on your breathing.

So, before you start meditating you should have your question ready in your mind. You can even write it down on a piece of paper. Now when you sit to meditate, simply pose your question and focus on breathing in a slow and controlled manner.

You don’t have to force it, just be as natural as possible.

Now, as soon as you feel that there is nothing between you and your breathing, that’s when you should expect an answer. If the answer doesn’t come then have faith because it will definitely strike you the next day or even when you are least expecting it.

Write Down Your Thoughts

This is the method which I have tried personally and let me tell you it works 100%.

Simply grab a pen and paper and write down whatever pops into your head at that moment of time. It can be a question that you are seeking an answer to or something that you want.

After you you are done writing, fold the paper and throw it away into a river or burn it. By doing this you are communicating with your angel and trust me they answer for sure. Not immediately but definitely.

Step into Wholeness

We live in a time when everything is about money. It seems like we have forgotten how to value ourselves and the importance of our own well-being.

We need to realize that we all have a purpose and that our gifts are meant to be shared with the world. If we step into wholeness and our higher selves, we will start to feel more secure and confident about ourselves.

This is what you need to do when you see angel numbers and if want a better connection with your guardian angel. Just focus on self-love and appreciation for everything that you are.


I hope by now you have a better understanding of what angel number 111 means in love and how it can help you with your life. The next time you see 111, don’t ignore it because your angels are trying to get in touch with you and want to share their love and affection with you.


What does seeing 111 after a breakup mean?

Seeing 111 after a breakup means new beginnings. It means that you are ready to be with the right person but your old partner isn’t meant for you anymore.

As I have mentioned above, 111 also means you should not dwell on the past and instead look towards the future and take control of your life. Because if you don’t, then nobody is coming to help you. And if take the first step to help yourself then with the influence of 111 you will get all the required support to move on.

Seeing 111 after break up is also an extremely positive sign of love coming to you in all forms of life. Your angels are telling you that you are loved by everyone around you.

So, whatever has been troubling or bothering you up until now needs to be put into the past because something better awaits for us at our desired destination which we should never doubt about.

Can 111 be a warning?

Yes, 111 can be a warning. It means that you are on the right track, but you need to stay focused and stay away from any type of negativity.

For example, 111 can be a sign of warning from your guardian angels that you need to be careful with certain people in your life because these people might not have anything good for you.

It doesn’t mean they are bad but it means that your relationship with them needs to be monitored closely.

How do you tell if angels are around you?

Well, you will be able to feel their presence whenever they are trying to get in touch with you. It can be through a series of synchronicities or even by seeing 111 omens.

Angels are always around us but they cannot interfere with our physical world directly because of the Law of Non-Interference. This means that angels can influence our thoughts and emotions but they cannot directly show themselves to us.

In order for them to get in touch with us, they will use numbers like 111 or 11:11 to send us their messages.

How do you know if angels are communicating with you?

Whenever you see number patterns like 111, 11:11, 1234, etc. These numbers are usually a sign of communication from your angels. So, whenever you see these numbers it means that your guardian angels are trying to get in touch with you.

These number patterns usually show up when we need guidance or support from our angels. It can be a reminder to do something, stop doing something, or even a declaration of good news – it all depends on the context.

So, whenever you see numbers like 111 or 11:11 and they appear frequently then it is a sign that angels are trying to communicate with you.